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Adopt a pigeon!

Ollie, my rescued racing pigeon

Pigeons have become very near and dear to me. I have a flock of 10 now and they’re amazing birds. Please consider adopting a pigeon.

There are so very many pigeons out there and they’re almost always free. They’re self-rescuing themselves daily: landing on people’s decks, or in their gardens, and in desperate need of food, protection and a home. They’re lovely birds, sweet pets, cuddly, and easy to train. Do some reading about them. Maybe join some pigeon groups online. Just think about it.

They do well housed in dog crates, and those are cheap on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. They’ll need some time to fly around your house for exercise, but hanging out at home with your pet bird is a bonus! Be prepared for helicopter-like winds and supreme bird loaves like you’ve never seen before! Nothing so cute as a pigeon sleeping in your lap. And they look quite dashing in their little flight suits which come in so many styles and colors. Little bow ties and denim jumpers, lol. They’re really coo-l birds and totally worth thinking about!

William and Laura, my white Carneau pigeons


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