Preening our feathers...

Perches, cage layouts, bowls, and cleanliness.

Hey everyone! I want to take a second and talk about some of the things in our birds cages that might need changing.

I know cages are all sold with dowel perches, and I’m not against them, but they shouldn’t be the only perch you have in the cage, and they should be different thicknesses. If you can, wrap them in vet tape. You can get big packs of it on amazon, lots of different colors too. If you’re using dowels, put a few other types of perches in there to mix it up. Natural branches are free. You can toss them when they get all poopy and not feel wasteful. I like to have at least one calcium perch in the mix too.

I see a lot of people with perches going the wrong way as well. Try putting them side to side so your bird can fly back and forth, not hop up and down like he’s climbing a ladder. Side to side will open your cage up a lot more. Try not to overwhelm your bird with too many toys as well. Too many toys can impede flight and stress your bird out. All birds need toys of some kind though. Even my pigeons, doves and mynahs have toys even though they don’t chew them up.

Also, a lot of cages come with plastic bowls. They will need to be replaced every so often. They get cracks and scratches in them, and they hold bacteria there. Pet stores sell inexpensive replacement cups that fit just about any cage. I really recommend metal bowls for that reason, but I don’t see an issue with the plastic ones as long as you change them out.

On to nests. If you have a nest box, or open nests for finches or doves, these things need to be cleaned. Just because the birds poop in them doesn’t mean that it should stay there while they’re raising their babies. Please pick the babies up, put them in a basket or box, clean the nest, provide new clean nesting material, and then put the babies back. Mom and Dad will not care and they will not abandon them. They won’t kill the babies because of your scent after touching them. That’s a myth. What will kill them is sitting a great big pile of waste and bacteria. Keep the nests clean. Your baby birds won’t thank you, but I will! ❤️

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