Preening our feathers...


Some examples of the feedback I’ve gotten:


“One of the sweetest baby birds I’ve ever gotten. Stepped up to me right away.” – K.T.


“Casey has been so wonderful during the process of getting my quaker parrots. She sent me updates and answered all my questions I had along the way. You can tell the amount of love and dedication she has for her birds, as it shows in all the birds she has. My birds were both very tame and sweet as soon as I brought them home! I would highly recommend her if you are looking to add a bird to your family.” – C.S.


“Sweetest, friendliest bird I’ve ever met in my life! So sweet I had to get a second one.”


“Thank you for being so real and personable. Many breeders are just about business and ignore the customer’s needs. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer all of my questions.”


“I have purchased several birds from Casey. She is always amazing, kind, and informative. She truly cares about the birds she raises. They are wonderfully cared for. I can’t say enough good things about my babies that I’ve gotten from her.” -L.W.